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Aamies War Marga Dieter

Aamies War

Marga Dieter

Published June 27th 2007
ISBN : 9780595839469
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 About the Book 

What theyre saying about AAMIES WARProfoundly moving . I couldnt put it down!Zella Brown, Cofounder of One By OneJewish German Reconciliation Through DialogueA compelling and sensitive personal account, at times charming and tender, at times grimly upsetting . Honest, painful and necessary, this book offers an important perspective rarely read in America. . An important addition to the human saga of war and the tragic condition of mankind in all its paradoxical complexity.Lawrence Lowenthal, Director of the New England RegionAmerican Jewish CommitteeMarga Dieter captures so well the thinking and heart of a little German girl caught in the ravages of the Second World War.Joan Ecklein, Former Co-Chair of the Boston ChapterWomens International League for Peace and FreedomThese poignant experiences of an innocent, bright and lively young girl, acutely remembered by an adult woman, and told with sensitivity and a wonderful sense of drama, will fill the void left by the silent generation of Germanys war children.Barbara Eskin, Moderator of the German Book ClubGoethe Institute, BostonBombs, destruction and emotional devastation form the backdrop for Aamies childhood on the homefront in Germany during World War II. What might seem crushing to most little girls is just everyday life for her.In a neighborhood where the walls are plastered with posters proclaiming THE ENEMY IS ALWAYS LISTENING! and people live by the secrets they keep, any revelation of her mothers sentiments against the Nazis is a danger to her familys very survival.Her father, in the Navy, is eventually captured and serves as a POW, until Aamie is nine years old.Her mothers struggle to maintain their family and raise two teenage boys, who are members of the mandatory Hitler Youth program, within the turmoil of war-torn Germany drives her to physical and nervous breakdown.Yet Aamie, with the support of her Greek Chorus of celluloid dolls, ponders and overcomes these obstacles with an irrepressible tom-boy spirit.An intensely told story of a wartime childhood, this book is a reminder of how childrens emotional lives play out against the horror and destruction of war.