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Wanton Slave Evelyn Rogers

Wanton Slave

Evelyn Rogers

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

A Slave to His PassionsWhen Sarahs father shipped her off to Constantinople to marry a stranger, the lively beauty thought her life was over. But Sarahs adventures were just beginning. First her ship was captured by pirates and Sarah was sold to the Sultans harem. Then she managed a daring escape -- straight into the strong arms of American adventurer Jake Price, whose seaworthy boat was docked in the right place at the right time. But as they set sail for Jakes secret, uncharted island, and Sarah felt her handsome rescuers eyes roaming over her scantily clad body, she wondered if she had escaped the life of a concubine only to become a captive of her own wanton desires...The Master of her HeartJake took in the veil, the snug bodice, the bare midriff, the silken trousers -- and the blond hair. The fact that she was obviously one of the Sultans cast-offs didnt bother him. Jake lived on the fine edge of danger and adventure and had little patience for virgins. Hed taken time out to rescue this gorgeous damsel in distress, and hed exact payment in his own fashion -- tormenting her night after night with his skilled caresses, his exploring kisses, and his complete mastery over her every sensation...