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The Condor Stone Nick Smyth

The Condor Stone

Nick Smyth

Published September 29th 2008
ISBN : 9781438906126
488 pages
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 About the Book 

VISITATIONS FROM THE PAST When a beautiful, mysterious orphan from Cornwall falls in love, the relationship immediately sparks off frightening visions for her, which are apparently connected with a previous life she knows nothing about. A FAMILY IN TORMENT The couple are bewildered when their first child develops extraordinary powers over birds, animals and other children. She draws a sign on her blackboard which for some unknown reason terrifies her mother and the ultimate effect traumatises the whole family. She goes on to cause such mayhem in their quiet market town, that in the end they are forced to move. Will this help to ease their torment? AN ANCIENT PROPHECY REVEALS ITSELF Ancestral research reveals an identical sign on an old Cornish gravestone Does this power originate from Cornwall?. A university professor attempts to unravel the mystery but not even he realises the dramatic consequences that are about to ensue as a legend from the past bursts into the present and takes over their lives. IT SEEKS ATONEMENT BUT FOR WHAT AND WHY? The family are left distraught as the reader is transported back into the distant past to discover the origin of this controlling power, generated by an ancient civilization, whose rituals were specifically intended to provide a defence against the coming of an enemy foretold by the prophets. Their struggles to prevent the nation from being torn apart are portrayed against a background of cataclysmic events that leave an immortal legacy, destined to be played out in the future.